Commercial Pressure Washer

Commercial Pressure Washer

Choosing the best professional-grade pressure washer was once limited to what you could find at your local hardware store. We bring all models of those shops to your computer.

We can help you find the right product for your business regardless of what budget you have or any other requirements. There are three options for professionals: Mounted, Electric or Gas.

Professional Electric Professional electric pressure washers have more choices than the other grades. You can choose from handheld, truck-mounted, or cold water units. All of them can be used indoors. This is particularly important for places such as restaurants or meat packing facilities. You can clean and sanitize with the hot water option.

The Professional Gas Pressure Washers are available in hot, cold, or belt driven models. These washers are great for large-scale cleaning tasks, such as cleaning farms and homes. These are the perfect choice for professionals who need an efficient unit that can be trusted. These units are built for heavy usage so that you won’t need to fry the engine or pump.

Professional Car/Trailer-mounted Pressure washers Professional car-mounted washers can be the most powerful and destructive on the market. Mount them on a truck bed or a trailer and you will be able to clean any surface you drive by. They are not meant for professionals, as the prices will attest. They can make a full day of cleaning large commercial buildings and other structures look like it was just yesterday.

You would think a pressure washer was a pressure washer. Hardly. You have many options with different PSI ratings and motors. There are many options available to help you choose the right pressure washer for you. The experts from our team did extensive research to assist you in choosing the right model.

If you hire the top pressure washer to remove paint, then you are usually involved in graffiti removal. The problem with pressure washers is that they aren’t smart enough to distinguish between what paint you wish to remove from what you leave behind. These machines work best when the paint is not as important and can be used to remove it from concrete or metal. You can always paint it over.

The best car pressure washers come with an important asterisk. *Don’t pressure-wash your car. The majority of pressure washers can damage paint and cause scratches. Only use the pressure washer’s soap nozzle to clean and rinse your vehicle. For the actual cleaning, use elbow grease only and a soft towel.

Each pressure washer or power washer has two numbers. A PSI rating is the highest and GPM ratings are lowest. PSI (pressure) is what usually gets most attention. However, they are both equally important.

PSI is the force at which water can hit your surface. A higher pressure equals more cleaning power. Your 0o tip will provide the greatest pressure. It decreases or disperses as you go to wider angles tips.

GPM is the measure of maximum water flow. A higher water flow indicates that more water hits the surface. This speeds up the removal of material. If you need to decrease water flow, some models include a flow control valve.

Simply multiplying the values of each pressure washer can help you compare their power. Let’s take an example.

Model A has the greatest overall cleaning power, even though it doesn’t have the best PSI and GPM ratings.

When it comes to power for pressure washers, there are several classes. The purpose of the pressure washer and what it is used for will determine which level you require. You can use a larger nozzle to lower the pressure or clean more quickly, but you cannot make a pressure washer that is underpowered do more.

We are referring to the differences between residential and commercial gas pressure washers. The engine and pump are the two main components.

Pressure washers for commercial use engines that are of commercial quality, like the Honda GX Series. For residential models, lighter-duty engines are used. A good example is the Honda GC series.

Pump is another piece. A triplex pump for pressure washers is the best, while a residential model uses an axial pump. While many residential electric models have an integrated pump design, we prefer to use a separate axial cam.

Consider an engine that has EFI (electronic fuel injection) if you are on the commercial side. You’ll have a better starting experience and a higher fuel consumption.

You’ll see the “rated pressure” and “working pressure” in small print. It’s also significantly lower.

It is important to understand that while the pressure washer may temporarily reach those levels, it can cause injury or damage.

You can avoid confusion and buy a certified pressure washer by the PWMA/CETA. For more information, read our article Pressure washer PSI too good to be believed.

A set of nozzles and a flexible hose are essential for any pressure washer. The majority of pressure washers use the standard quick connector. This makes it easy to get a new one if needed.

Many pressure washers include 0o to 15o, 25o and 40o soap nozzles. However, some models may have a few more. This group covers most applications. Most models are color-coded, and you have an easy way to find the key by looking at the frame. The angle of the nozzle is clearly marked, even if the angle doesn’t appear on the frame.

If you have to replace them, nozzles can be quite inexpensive. They have a PSI rating. You should not buy one that is lower than the pressure washer can deliver. They are 1/4 inch QC (quick connect), and compatible with most pressure washer wand connectors.

The popular makes of commercial pressure washers:

Karcher – commercial pressure washer

Sun Joe – commercial pressure washer

Briggs & Stratton – commercial pressure washer

Simpson – commercial pressure washer

Honda – commercial pressure washer

Generac – commercial pressure washer

Stanley – commercial pressure washer

NorthStar – commercial pressure washer

Mi-T-M – commercial pressure washer

AR Blue Clean – commercial pressure washer

GreenworksRyobi – commercial pressure washer

Annovi Reverberi (AR) – commercial pressure washer

Shark – commercial pressure washer

Landa – commercial pressure washer